MICC Church Retreat 2019 

Come and Join the Fun

The annual MICC Retreat is always a highlight of our year. It offers an opportunity to get away from the daily routine and relax, enjoy friends together, and receive choice instruction from God’s word. The retreat offers these opportunities for all the people in MICC. Whether single or married, childless or full-quivered, young or old, there will be a variety of activities and opportunities for you to enjoy the retreat.

Our Topic: Disciplines of Discipleship

Our Speaker: Bill White, from Grace Church in Greenville, South Carolina

As Christians we have embraced the challenge and responsibility of living as a disciple—a learner and faithful follower of Jesus Christ. Every generation faces its own unique obstacles to faith and fruitfulness. Our hyper-mobile, global and digital world offers so many great opportunities to learn and to grow, but it also tempts us with delights, distractions and treacherous snares.
It seems only logical to consider that living as a disciple would involve certain disciplines—learned habits of life that help us find our bearings, stay on course, and fuel our life-long pursuit of the prize—enjoying God and glorifying him forever.
During our retreat, we’ll gain a big picture perspective on these disciplines and be encouraged to trust God and his word, and to lean on one another as we run the race together.

A view of Teisendorf and its beautiful alpine setting.

Teisendorf Retreat 2019 Information Flyer

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